FatDaddy v3 into Sigelei 100w v1

Just some notes in case anybody wants to try this (bear in mind, the updated sig100w comes with a foating pin already)

1) Think of anything else to do instead…procrastinate…do the ironing…really, anything but his job
2) ok…so you still want to do it? buy this http://www.modmaker.co.uk/Mod-Making-Supplies/connectors/Fat-Daddy-Vapes-510-V3-Short-Body

Not the longer wooden body version..this exact one

Everything is reverse threaded on the original mod…so remove the back cover, then remove 4 screws: two under the stickers, and the two on the right

Remove cradle

Unsolder wires from original connector (hig temperate solder was used, and it is a big heat sink…have fun…, remove pcb from mod…put to one side

Remove connector lock ring (reverse threaded, so turn it towards the pcb
Find something m7x05mm and screw it into the connector, as if you were attaching an atty…..tighten, carry on tightening…some more…the connector will start unscrewing from the mod.(I used heat also, as I had a feeling some loctite was in there too)

Go have a beer.

Dremel time: the connector area inside the mod needs to be lowered around 1.5mm. Go ahead and do this. But before, screw in your fatdaddy connector…use a tap. You will see it hardly stands proud inside the mod…no space to screw on the lockring. You need to dremel some space.

Oh Vern, why didnt we just use the longer fatdaddy conector? because it will interfere with the battery sled.

No go dremel.

Attach center pin of fatdaddy v3 to white wire. use logic…you’ll need to take it all apart, slide the bits onto the wire, solder the wire, then reassemble the pin.

Use some high temperature soldering iron, and a small blowtorch, adn go warm up the lockring on the ftv3 adn flux+solder it in preparation.

Attach the balck wire to lockring…..screw in centre pin (the one with the white wire on it.

Swear that somehow the pcb doesnt fit back into the case…it does. I leave this bit to you, but just remember some chinese 4yo could do it, thus so can you.

Put screws back, vape.

Do Politicians know what is best for the Vaping Community?

This is a guest post from Mark Benson – www.okcigs.co.uk


Do politicians know what is best for the vaping community?

While the vaping community is headline news at the moment with the industry going from strength to strength, how many people had heard of vaping less than five years ago? If you look back in history you will see that the vaping industry only really came to life at the turn-of-the-century and indeed it only really hit the big time over the last two or three years. This was a sector which was ignored not only by the politicians and regulators but, perhaps surprisingly, by the large financial powerhouses which are today’s tobacco giants.

Over the last few months you will have seen an array of scaremongering, headline grabbing criticism and regulatory issues discussed in great detail across the Internet. Despite the fact that politicians ignored the industry less than a decade ago, they now seem to have taken the moral high ground and “know what is best” for the vaping industry.

Why are politicians so interested in the vaping industry?

When you put together politicians and tobacco taxes some would say this is a financial match made in heaven with the tobacco companies penalised for alleged medical issues relating to their products and the politicians happy to take on board a new income stream. Once the issue of “compensation” was agreed between the governments of the world and tobacco giants it seemed to be perfect for all parties, except perhaps the general public?

In the words of Gandhi “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.”

Who is laughing now?

Even though some politicians continue to circulate rumours and untruths about the electronic cigarette industry, such as allegations the industry is targeting minors and it is a gateway back to tobacco cigarettes, the truth is finally starting to emerge. A number of long-term research trials have blown away the issues of targeting minors and the supposed gateway back to tobacco cigarettes but many politicians and critics of the industry continue to circulate their own version of the truth.

One of the major elements of this particular scenario which is often ignored is the fact that a political life can be a very short life and very few are able to look beyond the short-term. As governments, politicians and regulators try to bring electronic cigarettes under the same rules and regulations as their tobacco counterparts, are they not missing out on the long-term benefits?

Jam today or jam tomorrow?

Unfortunately many governments around the world, especially in these times of austerity, have come to depend upon tobacco taxes which earn them billions of dollars each and every year. This very useful income stream has helped to balance many budgets around the world and with the margin between success and failure ever slimmer tobacco tax income will be required for some time to come. What about the potential medium to long-term cost savings available by simply encouraging people to switch from tobacco to vaping devices?

One of the main arguments used to push through the tobacco taxes was the added cost to public services such as healthcare when alleged medical issues relating to tobacco were taken into consideration. Whether or not legally the tobacco companies admitted any potential liability we did see an array of financial arrangements put in place which seemed to suit all parties. However, the authority seem to be looking very short-term because we can only imagine the potential cost savings in areas such as healthcare and lost time to local and worldwide economies. Surely by encouraging, or at least not attempting to block, the use of electronic cigarettes there would be even greater medium to long-term financial benefits not to mention improvements in general health?

Can you blame the politicians?

The sad fact is that politicians and governments of today live for today because, as we mentioned above, the life of a modern day politician can be extremely short. Perhaps if governments around the world looked a little more long-term, were open to new ideas and suggestions, perhaps the take-up of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices would be even greater. Until the authorities are able to look beyond the short-term benefits of tobacco tax income it seems that the vaping community will need to fight harder and harder to stand still.

Evolv Innovates!

Evolv have obviously had enough of broken screen cable complaints, because the latest update to the DNA40 chips have a clip for the lcd cable to fit into.

Sorry to all who bought a dna40 recently, and then broke the cable, because this problem has now been moved to broken clip territory.

LCD’s and touchpads and pretty much every connector on laptops use this design, so it was a bit odd for me,  seeing the first dna boards, trying to figure out what made them solder on the cable. But now, have no fear, there is a clip to break instead!

evolv socket



Not being funny here, soldering the cable is a good idea as you dont really have bad connections to cater for, but you can break it and then…poof!

Having a clip solves the cable breaking, but it does lead to problems of the clip breaking variety, because they are very very small and delicate.


Anyway, this is the right way to go. It opens the market to extension ffc cables, leading to different mod designs with more varied screen placement. And it makes building the mod slightly easier (you will still have to battle delicately closing that clip on to the cable with maybe a bit of finger contortion.)


Vaping, without an ecig

Another day, another innovation by some clever chaps


link: http://www.cnet.com/news/stanford-grads-hope-to-change-smoking-forever/

Summary: Some graduates have sat down and looked at smoking itself, and decided a hybrid approach was doable. Combining bits from ecigs, dab vapourizers and normal cigarettes, and leaning on the coffee machines with pods, they’ve come up with a fully mechanical, non-electronic cigarette thing that uses butane to heat and thus vapourize flavoured tobacco stored in little pods like coffee machines use.



the non-ecig vapourizer is another idea, and of course it can be used for non-tobacco related hobbies. I do wonder if we will see a cross-over product, with eliquid in little capsules shortly?


Thoughts: As much as we are in infancy, this is also the golden age where hobbyists have created our equipment we use daily. It is clear what is going on with this non-ecig above…SELL THOSE PODS! and dont make it cheap.

We currently buy 30mls eliquid for £7 or less at most places…thats a week, maybe more for some folks. Expect that figure, and that delivery mechanism to become the next battleground.

Nothing is Sacred: King of the Juice

book format

China? China! C’mon guys…surely these things can sell without referencing the King of the Juice?

£13 gets you this mech mod

holy saints!

No affiliate links, in fact, no links…find it yourselves…loads of clues in the pictures.


To answer some questions:

The battery is replaceable, it doesnt take 3 days to recharge

It wont turn your eliquid into vinegar

No, your screws wont turn rusty


Actually, I’m not even sure how I feel about this..gonna have to have a think about it.

Ecigclick Awards 2014 Nomination

*THIS* blog…

Has been nominated in the 2014 Ecigclick awards for Best Informational Ecig Blog.


I only found out late last night and got a lump in my throat moment. To me, there’s loads better blogs out there, honestly, but somehow somebody nominated this spot as a nice place to spend 5 minutes reading. And now it is up to you guys to vote and decide if that is true or not.

I cant do worse than 5th place ! Yay! We’re not pretentious, we’re not elitist…this is the home of the ordinary vaper.

On topic, I havent posted many deals lately, kinda changing what this place is about…I’ve got some articles in draft status that I have written in moments of anger, in moments of despair and in moments of joy. Very very much “Vern’s Opinion” type of articles.

I’ll slowly dribble them out over the next few weeks!

Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by $random_stranger !!







UK: Muji Cotton, IN STOCK, Unbeatable price

It’s Saturday, and deal of the day time for me.

Trying to track down Muji Cotton has been difficult lately, supplies seem to have dried up. And the reason became clear yesterday, Stealthvape have pretty much bought it all. By “all”, I dont mean every piece on the planet, but if you want the stuff you’re gonna struggle to find it


Nasty…a vendor buying everything up!!! Boo!!! Hiss!!!.

But wait, surely the normally kindly Ninja will profit heavily from this, yanking up the prices to fleece every penny out of us curious vapers? No



Stealthvape Muji is free


Zero, zilch, zippo, nutting.

First, he supports the kind Doctor’s investigation into ecig temperatures, then he supports autism, and now he supports Muji4all


The man is a credit to our industry. END OF.

If you buy anything from him, and you should…he has the best wick’n'wire (and others) for a clean vape……just add Muji Cotton to your basket, no charge to you sir

Where: Stealthvape.co.uk

How much: effectively zero


“Church” by Cosmic Fog review, www.vapeclub.co.uk

Some new videos to look at, …videos? Yes, we are doing everything twice now.

Traditional, and Velocious.


What is Velocious? one minute, or less! No nonsense, no waffling, no filler…just facts for the TL;DR folks!

All Velocious Videos will be prefixed with VVVV (Vern’s Velocious Vaping Videos) so you can find them easier on my channel





Blurb: an imported, premium vg heavy eliquid from UK vendor www.vapeclub.co.uk available at £8.99 for 15ml…


Love Vaping – closing down sale



We ALL love vaping, that is why niche sites like this still get a look-in, and why some small independant vendors can eek out a living. Sometimes though, it doesnt all go to plan, and Love-Vaping.com have just announced a closing down sale.


These posts are a bit emotional for me, I love a good bargain, but not at someone expense. In this case, the vendor has announced this sale, so here we go

30ml’s Dekang starting at £1.69

Kick modules £6.99/ Vapesafe fuses £1.99

Nemesis/king/atomo clones (and more) from £14.99

MVP2 shine edition £27.99

VTR v2 £47.99

Ucan Stainless steel £6.99

Batteries and so on (purple efest, red efest) are also included, as well as some usb power banks…there’s even Nautilus/Aqua/KF3/KFlite to be found at good (for UK) prices

There’s loads more, delivery is a set fee of £4. As best as I can tell, this isnt some “fake” going out of business sale, the items are genuinely reduced to bargain prices for some items, and serious bargain prices for a few select mods/liquids


As weird as this may sound, please go show them some love..




Where: love-vaping.com

How much: varies

Delivery: £4


More grief incoming

Elegant Vapour


Hello, Valued Customers

We have been striving to get what you customers wish to have at affordable prices readliy available. But sadly sometimes we are forbidden to do so.

Paypal has limited our account, through which we receive payments from you, because it was reported to them that our website is currently infringing upon the intellectual property of StattQualm GmbH. Therefore, we are informing you that we are taking down the Squape Reloaded product off our website.

We will do the same for the Rose v2 clone as we expect to have similar issues with Paypal on that one.

We thank you for your support and will always continue to serve you, our customers, the best way we can.

Happy vaping and best regards,