UK: Muji Cotton, IN STOCK, Unbeatable price

It’s Saturday, and deal of the day time for me.

Trying to track down Muji Cotton has been difficult lately, supplies seem to have dried up. And the reason became clear yesterday, Stealthvape have pretty much bought it all. By “all”, I dont mean every piece on the planet, but if you want the stuff you’re gonna struggle to find it


Nasty…a vendor buying everything up!!! Boo!!! Hiss!!!.

But wait, surely the normally kindly Ninja will profit heavily from this, yanking up the prices to fleece every penny out of us curious vapers? No



Stealthvape Muji is free


Zero, zilch, zippo, nutting.

First, he supports the kind Doctor’s investigation into ecig temperatures, then he supports autism, and now he supports Muji4all


The man is a credit to our industry. END OF.

If you buy anything from him, and you should…he has the best wick’n'wire (and others) for a clean vape……just add Muji Cotton to your basket, no charge to you sir


How much: effectively zero


“Church” by Cosmic Fog review,

Some new videos to look at, …videos? Yes, we are doing everything twice now.

Traditional, and Velocious.


What is Velocious? one minute, or less! No nonsense, no waffling, no filler…just facts for the TL;DR folks!

All Velocious Videos will be prefixed with VVVV (Vern’s Velocious Vaping Videos) so you can find them easier on my channel





Blurb: an imported, premium vg heavy eliquid from UK vendor available at £8.99 for 15ml…


Love Vaping – closing down sale



We ALL love vaping, that is why niche sites like this still get a look-in, and why some small independant vendors can eek out a living. Sometimes though, it doesnt all go to plan, and have just announced a closing down sale.


These posts are a bit emotional for me, I love a good bargain, but not at someone expense. In this case, the vendor has announced this sale, so here we go

30ml’s Dekang starting at £1.69

Kick modules £6.99/ Vapesafe fuses £1.99

Nemesis/king/atomo clones (and more) from £14.99

MVP2 shine edition £27.99

VTR v2 £47.99

Ucan Stainless steel £6.99

Batteries and so on (purple efest, red efest) are also included, as well as some usb power banks…there’s even Nautilus/Aqua/KF3/KFlite to be found at good (for UK) prices

There’s loads more, delivery is a set fee of £4. As best as I can tell, this isnt some “fake” going out of business sale, the items are genuinely reduced to bargain prices for some items, and serious bargain prices for a few select mods/liquids


As weird as this may sound, please go show them some love..





How much: varies

Delivery: £4


More grief incoming

Elegant Vapour


Hello, Valued Customers

We have been striving to get what you customers wish to have at affordable prices readliy available. But sadly sometimes we are forbidden to do so.

Paypal has limited our account, through which we receive payments from you, because it was reported to them that our website is currently infringing upon the intellectual property of StattQualm GmbH. Therefore, we are informing you that we are taking down the Squape Reloaded product off our website.

We will do the same for the Rose v2 clone as we expect to have similar issues with Paypal on that one.

We thank you for your support and will always continue to serve you, our customers, the best way we can.

Happy vaping and best regards,


ALL: Takedown received from Vapourart

A long (and quite frankly, boring) email was received by somebody connected to my site..some copy pasting below

Recently it has come to my attention that the website
hosted on contains unauthorized use of the Vapourart
Trademarks on products that are not authorized Vapourart Properties. I have
a good faith belief that the use of Vapourart Trademarks on is not authorized by Vapourart, by any agent of
Vapourart, or by law. Such use constitutes infringement on the Vapourart
Trademarks, as well as copyright infringement and unfair competition towards
Vapourart. Vapourart considers such conduct to be a serious violation of its
rights and to be damaging to its business and reputation.

The aforementioned infringements take place on the website that is conducted
under the below URL:

Vapourart established that this website is hosted on your server with Therefore, Vapourart demands that you -as hosting party of the
infringing website- permanently remove from your servers
or otherwise make the site permanently unavailable within 5 days. 


So, not specifying what the offending text/article is, just demanding the whole site be expectus disapperoni.

This notice was sent to my web host, only, it is not my web host. It is the datacentre where *I* host my own server. MINE. Ergo, they told Vapourart to go jump and get a court order. Shout out to MELONITE for knowing their stuff

Before someone accuses my of bias and clone loving, as of now, a search on my site for “heron” produces two hits, one where I told people there is a clone, and one where I told people about a review of the original.


Its weird to me to actually read this letter and wondering why they would want the whole site to disappear off the internet. Anyway, I’m not their friend anymore, so at least we know who the tossers are amongst us.

small edit added 3 hours later: This is for Vapourart directly, an open invitation for dialog. If there is something here you dont like, which you reasonably believe is doing harm to you then send me an email to discuss. My addess is vern (AT) I’m an ok guy, and I can listen and understand perfectly fine.

Price Drop: Mini Nemmie £11

Another shot across the bow, focalecig adds a second version of the Mini-Nemmie 14500 mod for a mind-boggling £11 shipped.

even comes with a box

This is a boxed product, and quite frankly, cheap as hell..this is also the third time in as many days that I have posted a mini-nemmie deal at a lower price.

£6 soon anyone? :-)

Where: focalecig

how much: £11

delivery: free


China: beautiful Stingray-X full kit £16.50

BOOM! Say it with me…BOOM!

that one please daddy

Stingray X, with drip tip, and the hybrid adapter (which I used to sell something like that for in the past) for £16.50 delivered to your door, courtesy of China Inc.

They have more than one for sale, but I kept my mouth shut waiting for this one. Instabuy!


  • 1:1 clone
  • 510 threading connection
  • Copper body wrapped with stainless steel
  • Copper top cap wrapped with stainless steel with floating pin and vent holes
  • Bottom magnetic firing button, the locking ring is NOT reverse-threaded
  • Locking ring material: Polished stainless steel
  • Silver plated copper battery contacts
  • Comes with a hybrid adapter and a 510 drip tip
  • Houses single 18650/18500/18350 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • 22mm external diameter
  • 18.5mm internal diameter

I cant fault it at all:-)


Where: fasttech

how much: £16.50

Delivery: dont be ridiculous, its free!


China: MINI-Nemi $26!!!!

UPDATE: Check bottom of this  post, better deal!


The small mini 14500 capable Nemesis clone says “hello” from focalecig

miniature madness!

I’ve always had a soft spot for 14500 mods, but havent really found one to love yet. The bagua is a bit…err…shitty (loose tolerances, too many pins to adjust), and that put me off for some time, but on hearing that a babyfaced Nemesis has been born I vowed to seek it out

And focalecig stepped up and delivered


all the bits you like from a full sized Nemesis, shrunk down to fit the 14500 battery sizes. Excellent.

and the blurb mentions 14650 too!

Where: focalecig

How much: $26

Delivery: included

BONUS! Now down to $21/£13 at FASTTECH

China: £18 gets you the Akuma that twisted420 reviewed!

Akuma matatu…no, wait, Akuma in my shopping cart! (yes..I know..hakuna…but c’mon, it rhymes!)

£18 gets you the full tube set version, the one twisted420 reviewed, with the funky eyes:-) its got magnets’n'shit in it, and comes with a spring option for all the A.D.1820-types

better than the original, according to some

By comparison, the one listed yesterday is shit. I said it.



  • Brass top+bottom locking ring
  • Copper tube
  • 510 threading connector
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Copper battery contacts
  • Adjustable positive battery contact
  • Bottom magnetic firing button, with reverse-threaded locking ring
  • Comes with a spring for spring-loaded firing button DIY
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • With logo engravings
  • External diamer: 22mm


Where: Fasttech

how much: £18-ish

Delivery: free