the simple act of bottle pushing, bottom feeding, squonking….its taking the vaping world by storm (again!)

this time more powa, more wick, more rda!

To celebrate this, I’ve bought squonking.co.uk to be used as a general resource site.

We’ll have blog and shop and whatnot, but for now, the forum welcomes YOU!

forum.squonking.co.uk is open for business!!!

registration emails are currently going to your spam folder most likely, but I’ll have that sorted soon.


In the meantime, sign up and make sure you pick your favourite username before it is taken by some unscrupulous person:-)


WELCOME to the KING of Squonk!


Smokeless Owl squonker review

I bought a Smokeless Owl from Focalecig at the $39 price, and paid another wad to have it shipped via DHL so we can all get a good look at it quickly, as the product is new to market and NO reviews are available anywhere. Since then, the price has dropped in a group buy to $22, making this phenomenal value.

Squonking type questions:

it squonks well, the bottle is squeezy and holds just over 10ml…closer to 12ml probably. There is no circuitry, but being a plastic box means there is a negative wire, and there is also a positive wire from switch to 510 connector. So we do have wires. This isnt a reo-type box in that sense.

Size wise it is pleasant, easily lighter than the KUI and the Firebox pictured. The fire button is on the left hand side, and the box feels a bit more comfortable in the left hand than in the right hand.

Internals are as neat as you can expect. Everything has a place, no “backyard plans” have been made. The bottle connector area really gives me the impression that it will never in a million years leak. Pleasantly surprised indeed.

The front panel/door has the usual slide-to-open idea, with two magnets at the top ensuring a firm click holds it in place. This is really a well finished product. The plastic is smooth…in fact, I’m struggling to find things to talk about regarding the body as it is all just so well put together.

The top plate does look like it will scratch over time, its just got that look to it, similar to the original eleaf istick shiny metal. The 510 threads, however, seem to be made from much more substantial stuff. Not chinese-cheese mixed with jelly and peanut butter, but definitely some sort of steel. This is a good thing(tm)

The button locks, swing it either direction in about 60degrees and it locks..this is a simple move to do and hasnt caused me a problem at all.

Included you do get a coiling jog tool of sorts, and an RDA labelled “Owl” with a serial number. This is a custom designed bottom feeding rda with 4 through-post holes for your dual coil buils, and three air holes on either side, operating ala-Tobh-style. Again, there’s no funny sharp edges. Its more of a “ok…so this was ONLY £15???!!!” type feeling you get when handling the product. The RDA has deep juice wells, I personally would preferred something shallower in the traditional squonk theme, whereas the designer has made a dripper with deep juice wells, but of course you can fit any bottom feeding rda to it. The Owl can make huge clouds though.

In conclusion, the money spent was worth it. I’ve got reservations about the fact that wiring is present, however I’m also confident for the 90% of us who dont go super-sub-ohm that this is a total non-issue, and will never be a cause for concern.

Rating: Its a 4 out of 5 squonk box, judged by the international standards of pricey squonk boxes.

Its easily 50 out of 5 when you take the price into consideration. I would pay £15 for the atty alone. There is a lot of value packed into this price-point.


Job done…what a lovely little device.

Indiana Eliminates The American Dream

sad guys..today is a sad day for vaping. Sign of the times if we all sit back and relax.

And also if we fight amongst ourselves instead of joining together to combat the real looming enemy.


Taken from Mt Baker Vaper Blog. Click to read the whole thing

“The reality of constructing something from nothing, or almost nothing, is far from available in most industries these days, as government is unwilling to risk allowing technologies that threaten it’s current large margin profit products. Any product that stands in the way of taxes is viewed as some sort of loop hole from what they see as your responsibility to chip in money to the government coffers. This is especially true now in Indiana, as start up costs are going to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars before you can sell your first bottle of eliquid.”


“Did I mention that any company located outside of the state wishing to sell eliquid in the state must also adhere to these unconceivably obscure standards? And there’s nothing in the law that says the state of Indiana has to go out of their way to come to your state to find out if you’re complying with these regulations. Instead, again, I’m sure they’d much rather just reject your application and keep the $1500 you submitted with it. And, don’t even think of trying to find a loophole that allows you to create your own liquid at home, that’s illegal now as well”


there more at the source, please take the time to read and when we need to stick together to fight this, lets stick together

For The Sake Of Vaping




it now costs £15 to become a squonker! ALL IN.

You can call this an assault if you want, because it sure seems like china have progressed from abs moxmods, to wood box mods, to copper (heavy, stinky) box mods, and have eventually decided a bottom feeder is where it is at.

it costs the same as some eliquids.


This makes me very happy. Affordable (!) bottom feeders have been unicorns, the stuff of legends…they just didnt exist.


Following on from my £25 Smokeless Owl announcement just a few days ago, I’m pleased to say this device is now part of a groupbuy, at fudging £15 delivered via a random postal service. WITH atty. With a coiling tool.

£15 is SPARE CHANGE. You get it in black or white, and trust me, the fact that it doesnt weight a ton is a good thing.


If you dont get in now, hell, I dont know when you will get another chance.



there’s many links here. Take the hint.

80watts, temperature controlled* £27 delivered

yes folks. thats the deal…you can join the TC topclub(tm), the temperature control* craze, for the low entry price of £27, without resorting to something make by Sjuchina Nintzen BEST ECIG of Alibaba. Or dealing with a shady bloke on FB

This the the Smok M80 Xpro plus with added happiness. They’ve been around a bit.

80 watts of temperature controlled goodiness

Thats less than the price of your lunch today at VapeJam. Assuming you like oysters. And this one comes with batteries already…thats like £10 on their own if you buy another box and then STILL have to source batteries.



*for varying definitions of temperature controlled. In all honesty, it sucks a bit on this mod, yet you can still think of it as an 80w boxmod with built in lipos for £27. Which is still a bargain.


so this squonking thing….is working on me…Having tried a few early devices, and a few homemade ones, its perhaps pertinent to understand how much fiddling this *removes* from vaping.


I’m starting to pay more attention to mixing juices instead of batteries and voltage drops and metal types and coils and RTA’s (and all the faff that comes with them). I’m just enjoying myself, and would actually consider myself an ex-smoker now. Because I have found a good, viable, faff-free replacement


I’m inviting all of you, shortly, to a special place.


Bottom Feeder, £25

I said it in a review video recently, but 2015 is going to see a bunch of affordable bottom feeders hitting our shores.

I already have a KUI on the review bench, and today the Smokeless Owl decides to poke its head out for all and sundry to drool over. Even better, as best as I can tell, it is a china-original design.


£25 gets this beauty delivered to your UK letterbox. and at 120g unladen, it’ll be an easy vape. Available in black or white abs with an interesting rda and matching driptip, as well as a coiling tool of sorts, this is all you need to vape-happy(tm). Get yourself an 18650 and some juice and experience true convenience. There’s a reason many other vaping countries rate bottom feeders so highly!!!


in white

in blllaaaaaaaack


and with an rda included


gettit…from here





OK, OK, I’ll read your Ts+Cs


yada yada, website was set up in a hurry..yada yada “take all precautions” etc yada yada

I like these guys, but I dont like copy-pasta, especially when a find/replace was run, and not proof-read correctly afterwards.


Their liquids are ok though.

UK: Discount on Five Pawns? YES

This doesnt happen often, so I’m posting it:-)

Ecigarettedirect/the smokers angel have stocked up on Five Pawns, and you can get them now for £24.99 for 30ml. More coins than normal juice, but fair given what you are buying.

Sticking in vern15 as your mystery discount code wont harm either:-)

Where: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/five-pawns-eliquid.html

P.S. ssshhh…code works for other items on the site too!