Price Drop: Mini Nemmie £11

Another shot across the bow, focalecig adds a second version of the Mini-Nemmie 14500 mod for a mind-boggling £11 shipped.

even comes with a box

This is a boxed product, and quite frankly, cheap as hell..this is also the third time in as many days that I have posted a mini-nemmie deal at a lower price.

£6 soon anyone? :-)

Where: focalecig

how much: £11

delivery: free


China: beautiful Stingray-X full kit £16.50

BOOM! Say it with me…BOOM!

that one please daddy

Stingray X, with drip tip, and the hybrid adapter (which I used to sell something like that for in the past) for £16.50 delivered to your door, courtesy of China Inc.

They have more than one for sale, but I kept my mouth shut waiting for this one. Instabuy!


  • 1:1 clone
  • 510 threading connection
  • Copper body wrapped with stainless steel
  • Copper top cap wrapped with stainless steel with floating pin and vent holes
  • Bottom magnetic firing button, the locking ring is NOT reverse-threaded
  • Locking ring material: Polished stainless steel
  • Silver plated copper battery contacts
  • Comes with a hybrid adapter and a 510 drip tip
  • Houses single 18650/18500/18350 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • 22mm external diameter
  • 18.5mm internal diameter

I cant fault it at all:-)


Where: fasttech

how much: £16.50

Delivery: dont be ridiculous, its free!


China: MINI-Nemi $26!!!!

UPDATE: Check bottom of this  post, better deal!


The small mini 14500 capable Nemesis clone says “hello” from focalecig

miniature madness!

I’ve always had a soft spot for 14500 mods, but havent really found one to love yet. The bagua is a bit…err…shitty (loose tolerances, too many pins to adjust), and that put me off for some time, but on hearing that a babyfaced Nemesis has been born I vowed to seek it out

And focalecig stepped up and delivered


all the bits you like from a full sized Nemesis, shrunk down to fit the 14500 battery sizes. Excellent.

and the blurb mentions 14650 too!

Where: focalecig

How much: $26

Delivery: included

BONUS! Now down to $21/£13 at FASTTECH

China: £18 gets you the Akuma that twisted420 reviewed!

Akuma matatu…no, wait, Akuma in my shopping cart! (yes..I know..hakuna…but c’mon, it rhymes!)

£18 gets you the full tube set version, the one twisted420 reviewed, with the funky eyes:-) its got magnets’n'shit in it, and comes with a spring option for all the A.D.1820-types

better than the original, according to some

By comparison, the one listed yesterday is shit. I said it.



  • Brass top+bottom locking ring
  • Copper tube
  • 510 threading connector
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Copper battery contacts
  • Adjustable positive battery contact
  • Bottom magnetic firing button, with reverse-threaded locking ring
  • Comes with a spring for spring-loaded firing button DIY
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • With logo engravings
  • External diamer: 22mm


Where: Fasttech

how much: £18-ish

Delivery: free



UK: Panzer, black, £18, shipped arent often on my radar, but browsing their site today and I saw a Black Panzer for £18. OK, it isnt a black hawk edition, its just a “black” panzer, however, even for a normal stainless panzer, at £18 shipped I wouldve jumped and twittered it out

’tis a panzer, in black ok

While I dont know if it is paint or PVD coating, the blurb mentions “high quality gloss finish” so I would guess if it chips or flakes within a few weeks you would be covered.


how much: £18 all in.

shipping: free, with options to pay

While you are there: Orieco Torch single/dual RBA £7.99

China: 30w chana mod, 18650 no seam/logo for £32

The chana mod styled dna30 have been swarming our sunny shores for around 3 weeks now, with “good” variants available in the Uk stores for around £65-£70. A version with a seam on top and not as well regarded has been available direct from china for $56, but today I found this beauty at the same price.

No Logo, No Seam

I dont have these available to visually inspect, so perhaps this is the fabled cloupor variant, however it is visually different from the Fasttech version (the seam on top may lead some to worry about juice spillage into the circuitry on that version)

I’d feel confident buying this version in lieu of the £65 asked for by UK vendors


Material Aluminum
Product Type Mod
Color black
Quantity 1
Other Features Body is made of anodized aluminum
510 threaded connector
OLED display shows battery charge state, volts and ohms
Variable Wattage from 7W-30W in .1 watt increment
Compatible with 0.5ohm~3.3ohm atomizers
Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A
Powered by single 18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
Packing List 1x HANA MODZ Pack DNA 30 Style mod

And there you have it, £32 to your door.

Where: focalecig

How much: £32

Delivery: Included


P.S. I hope you like black, because thats the only colour so far, for everything else, there are wraps available, even glow in the dark variants. Rapamods on facebook will sort you out