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Supplier: Stealthvape

I’ll follow this written review up with a video later this week..enjoy!

Comes in a little black box, containing the fogger itself, and a small baggie of spares (which you will need), and the little itty bitty screwdriver


The baggie has a couple of large orings for the glass tank (extras) some hybrid mesh, some wire, and a few smaller orings as well as extra screws for the posts. This is a really welcome addition, it’s often that the little tiny screws go walking, and they’re horrible to try find once they have hop skipped and jumped under the couch.

The fogger v3 itself is on the large side of things, as most atomizers of this generation are. Excluding the drip tip and 510 connector it is 51mm tall. Its also 23.5mm in diameter, which is a bit of a weird size. The driptip supplied with it is comfortable and doesnt hamper the actual act of vaping, however, it is about 0.5mm too long to seat correctly in the topcap on the one I have. This doesnt affect it at all, but does mean there is a odd looking ridge at the base of the driptip. OCD freaks wont like this bit.

While on the topic, the v3 differs from the v2 in that it has an additional shroud to protect the glass tank, and it adds a bit of pizazz and flair to an otherwise bland circular object. There are 6 oblong cutouts so you can see your juice level, and throughout this week it has protected the tank from damage. I havent babied this atomizer, yet it shows no signs of any wear and tear. However, this additional shroud means there are a total of 3 elements to line up correctly for a flush finish, viz
1) top cap
2) shroud
3) base
You need to remove the top cap to refill the atomizer, and this disturbs the shroud, which means it doesnt line up properly again, and this then takes 5 minutes of fiddling to get it correctly aligned. This is just an aesthetic step, doesnt affect the functionality at all, but can make the atomizer look like it is a bit bent, so again, those with an air for neatness may just forego the tank shroud, as it is not necessary. It is a beauty ring affair, a piece of armour which you can remove and forget about.

Here it is, in a state of maximum out-of-alignment. I forced this, for the purposes of this normally isnt this bad at all

out of alignment, but easily fixed

This device is a bit of a mystery to me. It works on the same principle as the kayfun/s/protanks and even evods. The liquid is held in place by a vacuum, and drawn into the chamber when the user inhales to be vaporized on the coil.
But in all these devices you have to either turn them upside down to refill, or use a dedicated fill port. The fogger has a screw on the top deck. Every part of me says this is wrong, as there is no way to ensure the vacuum is retained when refilling. You cannot tip this device upside down and then refill it. And without some serious contortions on the air control ring (more about this later), undoing the screw to refill will cause unwanted eliquid to enter the chamber and flood it (sometimes only a little, sometimes an irritatingly large amount)

So this leaves me wondering how I am meant to fill this the correct way. If it is empty, or near empty, that is ok and it works out fine. If it is half empty and I am going for a top-up, the device will flood/gurgle and the next five minutes will be spent blowing, sucking, and in tissue heaven unless I close the aircontrol ring first, do some filling, tip it upside down while putting the screw back…this isnt exactly simple..

in bits..


This is the easy bit. There is only one way I got this to work correctly, and that is use cotton. Various combinations of wick were tried, mesh, mesh and wick, and to no avail. I couldnt find that balance between under-wicking and over-wicking. Once I moved to cotton, all problems went away. Yes, just like that. It is the vapist’ get out of jail free chicken exit, and I agree to that, but it does work and it faff-free.

I build a dual coil inside the little chamber using the supplied wire inside the little spares baggie, 5 wraps, which worked out at 1.2ohms. Then threaded some cotton through it, assembled the device and was vaping happy a few seconds later.

An oring is supplied to go under the chimney/over the wick chamber, and this breaks when you try take it off, luckily 2 more are supplied in the baggie. I am fortunate to have found my cotton-love, as there are no more of these orings left…they all broke in the first few days of experimenting, and luckily arent used with the cotton setup, and are not necessary in that respect.

the coils

Air control:
The base features an air-control ring with 4 holes. My understanding is that the v2 has 3 holes, wheres v3 has 4 holes. I have not found a reason to shut down the airflow at all, with 4 holes fully open it is “about right” and I have not been tempted to move the airflow control whatsoever. The ring on mine spins freely, so I doubt it would stay in a half-open position in anycase.

air control holes and adjustment, 4 hole version

the base itself is a mystery too. I have seen close-up photos of a v2 base, but no amount of pliers/channel locks/vice grips/boiling for half hour can get the 2 pieces to separate so that I can confirm the inside of the base is the same.

Shorting issues:
I havent had shorting issues, but the first thing I did was to place the smallest oring inside the spares bag over the screw that serves as the 510 center pin.

Vapour production:
While I dont speak about vapour production in any of the reviews, as they are always clones, so you can go see how the real one works on another review. My reviews generally cover “how does this compare to the real one”. This, however, is my original virgin cherry. This is the first device I have owned which is not a fake, so I get to tell you my side.

Dual coils at 1.2ohms is very satisfying. Oh yes indeed. I hated building them, I’m too impatient, and they probably wont pass muster in a coil building competition, but you know what, I can cover my screen in vapour that leaves me coughing. It is *too much* for me. As an ex-smoker, when stressed I used to grab the fag packet. I have had two kayfuns delivered this week and have been alternating and so on, but when stressed I now put the fogger on.

I know this is dependent on the coil, as originally it really tasted bad with mesh etc. I have one kayfun 3.1 here in single coil 1.0ohm, one (russian 91%)in dual coil 1.2ohm, and the fogger v3 in dual coil 1.2ohm. Maybe its just me being me, but I can definitely point to the fogger and say “that thing….that f*king thing….its dangerous” with a massive grin on my face:-) The flavour is top notch, and the vapour is warm. Its weird, because I can use words like “dense” to describe this vapour, and it really is the truth. Its lush.

Is this the best vaping device? I dont know..but it is the best one I have, and for an original it is also one of the cheapest I have. Its £26.99 or thereabouts, for a guilt free uk bought atomizer.
The bang for buck is top notch on these things. It doesnt look like a kayfun, it looks like its own device, and it isnt ugly.


Where: Stealthvape

How Much: £26.99 inc

Delivery: via ninjas

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    I’ll follow this written review up with a video later this week..enjoy! Comes in a little black box, containing the fogger itself, and a small baggie
    [See the full post at: REVIEW: Fogger v3 RBA - Stealthvape]

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